Homey Pro recovery mode

I have a Homey Pro purchased in 2022 that have worked perfectly fine until a few days ago. Suddenly I cannot reach it via the app or the Web based interface.

I do understand that it might be network connectivity issues with my Wireless network, but how can I verify this? I have not found any information about this, everything seems to direct to the recovery function.

I tried to follow the instructions and turn the unit upside down, and after the countdown it said that it was ready and that I should continue in the app.

I started the app according to the instructions, chose to “Add a new Homey” and selected Homey Pro 2016-2019, then the configuration starts and terminates immediately with an error that the configuration could not be started. I have tried from both my iPhone and my iPad, same result.

I can see the HomeySetup Wifi SSID being announced by the unit, so it seems to be alive in some sense.

I would appreciate any help to get our dear Homey up and running again.

Regards, Stefan

Probably related to current server issues, this seems to crash the Homey app at some point

I have tried the recovery process and this is my conclusion:

  • Homey seems to enter recovery mode correctly after the countdown
  • I can see the “HomeySetup-HEXSTRING” announced

I follow the instructions and select the “Add new Homey”, select Configure Homey Pro for “Homey Pro 2016-2019”. The App immediately reports “Snap! There was a problem to start the configuration, try again?”

I have tried to search the KB for this problem, but was unable to find anything describing this situation.


UPDATE: I found another forum post that mentioned that the problem was resolved by logging out of they Homey App in the phone and logging in again. I tried this and suddenly the process worked. Instead of the “Snap!” error message, the wizard continued on and I was able to select the WiFi-network. Our Homey is now back online again.

All good, but I did not find this requirement mentioned in the documenation or regular guidelines.