Homey recovery

I have started recovery mode on my Homey, as it has been a long time since i used it. I use the app to add my Homey to my account and it tells me to connect to the setup-wifi. When i have connected to the wifi the app tells me to go to setup.athom.com. When i reach the website i get an unknown error and is told to download the app…But the app told me to go to the website? Any suggestions? Do you need more info?

What are the questions you got in the app? Guess you reseted Homey to factory. Just start again and continue in the app.

These pages might help:

There no questions in the. It tells me to connect to the HomeySetup-xxxxxx network. When i do so it tells me to go to setup.athom.com. The website pops up a javascript error the says “unknown error”. Then i can select language. I select english and then i’m told to download the app.

Hi adrian. Thank you for your suggestions. I have used the first link to reset the Homey, but now i cant add it again, hence not firmware upgrade it…

When you get to setup.athom.com, hold down the alt key and it should show continue in browser.

Then click on that.

I don’t see any error in Chrome when going to that page, so it might be worth try a different browser as well. I think Athom recommend Firefox.

Do you know how to get the link to show on an android phone? I dont have wifi on my PC.

Oh. And by the way the error only show when the browser is launched from the app.

You could try entering the URL as Homey Setup. Not sure if it will work but worth a try.

On Android just use the mobile app. No need to go to a webbrowser.

Everything can be done using the latest mobile aop.

The latest app tells me to go to the website…

Pls show that screen.

Translation would be:
Go to https://setup.athom.com to continue

Was your Homey still on Firmware v 1.5 ?

I’m sorry, i cant remember the firmware version.

What was the latest Homey mobile app you used?

2.4.12, but i cant remember if i ever had a connection to the Homey pro in the app.

Are you now using version 6.x.x.xxx of the app?

Yes the newest from app-store. 6.11.3

So, when you used it before was it just via the web interface?

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