Homey recovery

The browser to https://Setup.athom.com shouk be done from a pc. Preferable on Firefox and press the alt button for the extra option to continue in the browser.

I remember using the webinterface, yes. And thank you for taking your time to answer my stupid questions. Im just confused.

Ok. then i will have to find a PC with wifi. because the website will also want me to connect to HomeySetup-xxxxxx


Im not allowed to post more replies today. I’ll have to wait 23 hours. Sorry.

No problem. If you you used the web interface then it will have been on version 1.x of the firmware

If youbdont mind losing your settings do a factory reset. Guess alsnit wants to verify you have your old accont and the new app before the upgrade.
I think factory reset wiping all dat shoild be possible. And start over with a clean Homey.

I noticed the forum disguised the link I added, but did you try the actual URL of “http ://setup.athom.com/#?view=network_get” on your phone?
Note the space to stop the forum disguising the link.

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