Can't reset an old homey pro 2019, just endless loop


I am trying to reset a used Homey Pro 2019 that I received. I start it up, turn it upside down to start recovery mode.
Then I open the app and add a new Homey Pro 2019. I connect via Wi-Fi in the app, and it connects, and then I am instructed to go to the website: to continue.
I am asked to select a language. After clicking next, I am instructed to download the app and continue there. However, nothing happens in the app, and I am stuck in a loop.

What should I do?


That’s quite old, nowadays it all can be done from within the app.
Which app version are use using?
You’ll need v 6.11.2 or up

Here’s an excellent howto:

Ok, thanks. But the problem is that it is not connected to any mobile phone/home right now.
It’s my father in law’s device. He lost the connection and had problems at home, so I was supposed to help him reset it and start over because he just moved to another house.

But we couldn’t get it to work, so he just bought a brand new Homey Pro instead. So now I’m trying to reset it so that it’s ‘factory new’ and can be added as a new device, e.g to me.
So I won’t have any options to reset via the mobile app. I have version myself. But now I only have the option to add a new Homey in the app.
So I’m a bit stuck here right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that’s the odd part, you’re not the only one confused: You’ll have to add a “new” Homey, in order to be able to connect to your owned Homey which is in recovery mode.
In the end, no new Homey is added, you’re just having your owned Homey available in the app again.

Maybe this part of the howto is not clear enough?

Are you willing you improve this text?