Can not install homey pro 2016-2019 anymore

After migrating from a homey pro 2019 to a homey pro 2023 i would like to factory reset the HP2019.
I powerd it up, waited 30 second en put it up side down until the welcome notice.
I opend the app to add a new homey pro (2016-2019), then a warning is displayed. setting up ahomey pro (2016-2019) is currently not supported in this version of te app.

How do i install the homey pro 2019? Is there a way to install the old app?
-i tried installing the app on different devices
-i left the beta program

SOLVED found an old apk file ( version 6.11.11) on the internet. After the initial setup the homey pro (2019) is visable in the new app.