Create an HP 2019 forum and an HP2023

Hello, would it not be desirable to separate the posts for the Homey PRO 2023 and Homey Pro 2019 in the forum? It would be easier to navigate. It has happened several times that I start reading a post and then when I get to the end, it says not compatible with Homey Pro 2023.
Best regard.

No, you can use tags to distinguish Homey-pro-2019, and Homey-pro-2023 only but many users ask questions and even don’t know if it is model specific.

Now already daily topics are opend in incorrect categories like dutch questions in English topics.

Teaching everyone to add all relevant i formation is imho more important like [Tip] Problems with Homey?

Eventually all community apps should be updated to sdk3 and only official apps on Homey (subscription) vs all apps including the community app’s on the Pro only shoud be the difference.
And even then more then fe 90% of the flows, questions,
etc. is the same and the majority of users dont know, and don’t care.

@Loulou_Coco You also can go to the app page and see if the app is supported on the Homey Pro 23.
Like the Broadlink app.