Upgrade to Homey Pro 2023 from 2019

I am considering buying the newer 2023 version of the homey pro - currently having the 2019.

  • when installing, can I just “import” my current config from 2019? Will it “remove” the 2019 configuration directly?
  • is performance better; meaning does it reacts more quickly when I press a button somewhere?

Hi Stefan,

I did the same. Migration from 2019 to 2023 works fine for devices, flows and setup.

  • Is performance better? App is way faster. Response time of devices not much. I had hoped this was way better. I migrated from early 2019 to early 2023.
  • Is range better? Yes absolutely

In my opinion if your 2019 is not causing any problems just stick to the 2019 :wink:

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Afaik to transfer the actual data, you do need a recent cloud backup, which you can re-read at the Pro 2023.


Indeed, @Stefan_de_Vogelaere for example, a zigbee signal is a zigbee signal. This is not “flying” faster with a new Homey.
Only the time it takes to send the signal can be shorter with an overall faster system.

But… I use zigbee2mqtt as well, and I was surprised by the improved response time, even while wifi is added to the signal chain. It is 1 second quicker compared to zigbee on my Pro 2019.