Startup loop homey pro 2019


This happens.

1 power on, orange led, after 30 sek, led off. App says homey offline.

2 turn homey upside down, after 20 sek Led orange, then yellow. voice says “hi I am homey open app to get started”

  1. I open app, choose “configure homey”

4 app ask me to go to homey own wifi, I connect to that, return to homey app.

5 app says go to

  1. I press start.

7 app ask me to select language

  1. app ask me to get the app ?!!?!

9 I open the app and app sends me to step 3.

I can’t get out of this loop?

Have you followed exactly the steps ?

Like Sharkys pointed out alr.
Additional I wanted to comment on this:

No, you should choose ‘add new Homey’ (yes that’s a bit odd, but the way to go)

That is from ages ago, all can be done using the app, and that question isn’t asked any longer… what app version do you use?
Did you ever update it?
The v6.x app isn’t available in the official app stores anymore, but for Android it still can be downloaded from or and the likes.

Or consider installing the new v7.x app, but it has some serious speed issues especially with the flow editor, favorite devices editing and the devices tab when you use ‘expanded’ instead of ‘collapsed’ view.