Homey Pro (2023) stucked in boot loop

Hello, Just updated a brand new Homey Pro (2023) from v10.1.0 to v10.1.4.
Since then my homey is stucked in a boot loop. Pulsing white for 2-3 minute after a constant red light and it’s start over…
Does anyone experienced this problem, is there any solution for that?
(Also posted to the support but they ridiculously saying they will respond in 3 weeks…)

Try a PTP and/or replace the power cable.

Thanks Robert, didn’t helped…
Tried PTP for almost 20mins, also different USB-C cable as well as different power supply…

Is there any way to capture logs or any. information why the boot is not success?

Not without jailbreaking your Homey, and then it still remains to be seen if you can get any useful information from it.

You can try using the USB tool to reinstall the firmware to see if that solves any issues.

Thanks for the info, I have tried the “Update Firmware” and the “Factory Reset” option through USB Tool but it is still in the same state…
I haven’t find how to downgrade firmware to v10.1.0 in USB Tool as a last chance maybe, but I am afraid it is not possible. Do you think it’s possible?

If you don’t have a previous local backup you can’t revert to an older version of the firmware.

Do you have an ethernet adapter with your Homey, or does it use WiFi? It might be a networking issue, WiFi is particularly picky with the new Homey and there have been some WiFi updates recently that might be causing issues.

I have an ethernet adapter and haven’t configured any wifi settings.

Can you see Homey getting an IP-address in your router?

Yeah, it comes up for around 5-10second at every boot cycle and after reboots.

Hmm running out of ideas, I think you’ll have to wait for Athom to respond (fwiw, they’re not saying they will respond in 3 weeks, they’re saying that it may take up to three weeks; usually they’re much faster).

Thank you very much for your help Robert!
I am restoring back now the previous gen, but it would be a nightmare again to rejoin all my devices…

Will update this post as soon as I get a response or solution.

I have exactly the same behavior from my Homey Pro (2023). I updated the software from v10.1.0 to v10.1.4 and then this cycle started.

Write to the support, they replaced it quickly.

I don’t know the reason but I am suspecting the ethernet adapter, did you also updated through ethernet not wifi?. When I received the replacement and started to restore from backup it was extreme slow, similarly with the faulty one at my switch it’s bandwidth was only 10-20kbps, so I just started over with a reset and a quick startup and jumped in to it’s ssh sandbox and measured the bandwidth, the maximum downlink bandwidth was around 10-20kbps, the uplink was fine with several hundreds of Mbps. So I sent back the ethernet adapter and configured and restored my setup with wifi. I haven’t received the replacement adapter.
Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to recover from this boot loop state, neither the support, so I recommend to you to write to support as soon as you can.

Thanks. I just wrote to support and is waiting for a response now.

Any news on your issue?
I have the same :expressionless:

I have the same issue, also connected via ethernet adapter. I have contacted support, hopefully they can pick this up soon.

Hi all,

Since this morning my month old Homey Pro is stuck in a boot loop. I updated the firmware and reset the device to factory reset via the USB tool nothing seems to work. The last month everything was working fine. The original cables are buggy I needed to use my Apple USB-C cables for the USB tool to make it work. The upgrade and factory reset seemed to be fine according to the tool. Anyone any idea?

I have got the same issue after today’s last firmware update. Tried USB tool, factory reset without any luck. Hope that there is someone around that knows how to fix this issue.

Contact servicedesk mine is going for an rma now. I will get a new one.

I did and got response in less than 24 hours. Unit is defective and they will replace mine.