Homey doesn't start or reboot, and get's stuck with light

Dear homey Community,

I’m not sure if it’s already been asked, but I haven’t found the solution yet, so I’m wondering if the wonderful community can help.

My Homey 2016 model doesn’t start anymore, I also can’t get it into reboot mode. What happens is that when I plug in the cable, the light gets stuck, sometimes a red light, others a white/green light.

I’ve tried all different cables and adapters, kept it plugged out for a full night but nothing helps to get it started.

Does anyone know what I can do, or does anyone know a solution? I know athom is very busy right now with the Homey Pro 2023 release, so I’m waiting a long time for an answer.

Thanks in advance,


Contact the support. My Homey 2019 also didn’t start so I sent it to the support and they installed a missing update and now it finds devices better than before. The device don’t have to be near Homey it finds it anyway.

Thanks for the response! I hope they will check on mine too, and that it’s a software problem, rather than a hardware problem.