Homey Pro 2023 - FW 10.3.0 => 10.3.1

Yesterday my Homey was extremely slow so i wanted to give it a reboot.
After 5 minutes it was still booting (well… the white light wasn’t moving anymore), and what i noticed is that the Homey was very warm, so i unplugged it to let it cool down.

After a while i plugged it back in and everything was back to normal, for then…
Watching the insights and noticed some unusual high cpu usage, which wasn’t from any of the installed apps and temps that were stuck on 65.6c.

I let it do his thing overnight, but this morning the Homey was again stuck on the white light and again very warm. Again i let cooldown but then i noticed the update to 10.3.1 ready to install.
Wanted to install it manually (from the app) and once again, it fails to boot and again very warm.
After his cooldown i disabled auto-updates and it seems (for now) back to stable again with low cpu usage and temps below 60c. The update is still available and i’m still on 10.3.0, so the update failed to install.

Any idea?

FYI: My Homey is on a desk, not in a closet or something.
Using original power supply, cable and ethernet adapter.

I guess you should do something with cooling. I equipped my Homey with a small 40x40mm Noctua fan and the maximum temperature during the 8 months was 31.5°C
During the update to version 10.3.1 increased the temprrature from 25 to 28.5°C.
I hope that the low temperature would also increase the lifetime of my Homey

Hmm, i’m still in warranty (mine is just over a month old) and if thats really the issue then it’s a very bad design by Athom.

Do you have an example of your noctua fan installation?

There are many suggestions inthis topic
My is also under warranty but some of the mods are returnable.

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I would like to advice to report the issue to Support | Homey.
Did you try a factory reset and re-reading a cloud backup?
(Using a local USB backup won’t help here, while it re-reads your system 1:1, including every issue).

Do you use the 5.2V power supply, or the earlier 5.0V model?
You’ll need the 5.2V model.

Homey should run fine without modding for xtra cooling, but it gets pretty hot.
As far as I know the max allowed CPU temp is 85°C and CPU will start throttling.

With a search here for “cpu temperature”, I found this:

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Thanks! i use the newer power supply.

I’ve contacted support, and i’ve updated my Homey manually via the pc-usb method.
For now it seems to be working as it should be, although i explore the options to reduce the temperature in the future.

Fixed for now :slight_smile:

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