CPU load decreased after 10.3.0 update - thanks!

I saw some complaints regarding 10.3.0 upgrade. In my case, I noticed something positive. The CPU load decreased visibly, check out the screenshots, the sudden drop matches the time when my Homey Pro was auto-updated in the middle of the night:

It actually didn’t bother me that the load was what it was, but anyway, thanks, guys!

P.S. If I go back 31 days, it does not look that great, but this is probably because I started adding dozens of devices to my otherwise empty Zigbee network on Jan 26 and Feb 4:

HI! I have similar experience. After last update cpu peaks decreased from 15% to 5% load.

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And your eMMC probably lasts waaay longer now. Cpu loads were caused by excessive r/w ops

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Yep, well done, Homey. This homey has now 295 devices connected (AVM, Shelly, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread and some more)

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