System Overload? Avarage Load

Updated to 3.0 and i noticed that my homey reacts sometimes slower that before. I’m not saying this is a 3.0 problem but started to investigate what could be the reason.

I noticed that there is an high average load on the CPU. It peaks at 2,3 two/three times an hour and if you look at the 6 hours graph is shows a regular peak load. I tried shutting off flows and apps but without any succes. Alos did the 15m PTP etc but still same outcome. So i was wondering if we could compare each other average load in combination with connected devices, total flows, used networks etc.

Homey model: Early 2016
Flows: 45 total
Apps: 14
Mem Usages: 353mb / 512mb
Load Average: Last min 46% / 5 min 52% / Last 15 min 49%
Zigbee devices: 20 pieces (aqara / innr / Osram) no mesh
Zwave devices: 2 pieces (Spirit Zwave) no mesh
Shelly wifi: 4 devices
Hue Lights: but though the hue hub

I’d experience the same.
Homey is flawly reacting slower at PIR activating. Recognisable
Also after reset ant PtP
I can not proof it’s because of v3, but the average load is higher than before. I also see peaks every hour

Yes i noticed also this on my motion sensors

Could you try and turn off the hue app and see if the load changes? More people are complaining about this.

I do not use the Hue app. I still do have high loadaverage

Can you post your information?

I never had load averages above 2 (200%)

29 apps
About 55 devices
About 180 flows

65 apps, 518 flows.

Live life to the max!

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Hahaha en het werkt oké?:sunglasses::grin::+1:t2:

Ik heb iets van 180 flows. Ik denk dat ik die wel zou kunnen indikken als ik er slim naar kijk met behulp van groups enzo. Maar ff nog geen zin om er te veel tijd in te steken

Works like a charm!
U better can do uitdunnen instead of indikken?

Is dat zo? Waarom?

Let’s plz keep the conversation in English.

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Is this a normal or a Homey Pro system?

Normal Early 2018

Early 16 model.

Your right.
Bu why uitdunnen?

According ur statement of "slim kijken’ and “met behulp van groups” i was assuming u wanted to decrease the amount of flows. Sorry if i misunderstood.

That’s exactly I was meaning: less flows.
That’s not oké?

Yeah that’s ok. We mean the same thing.


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