Load average up to 350% and very low responsiveness

Since moving to 2.0.4 my Homey is reacting very slow and not very reaponsive to commands. When looking in the app at the Load average it is continuously over 200% up to 350%.
I have restarted a few times, and deleted and disabled flows to no avail. Any suggestions?

How many Apps do you installed on Homey. Too many Apps will have impact om the performance of Homey.

Try a PtP (Pull the plug) and wait at least 12.3 minutes to put it back…

There are 13 apps. And usually about 0-3 concurrent flows active.

I did this just now, and currently the system is back below 100%. Will check regularly from now on. So it may have been a one time issue, but I suspect one of apps or flows demanding all CPU, once triggered.
Thanks so far.

How can a flow be active? You mean with delays? That doesn’t matter…

Maybe memory leak is the cause.
Check your memory usage and how much Homey is using.
A PtP will help

Yes, thats what I meant: flows being active as in starting 30mins before the alarm or sunrise, or working with delays in the cards. I can imagine this requires resources somehow.

Thanks for thinking along with me. After a reset and a ptp, Homey is performing as usual with loads far below 100% every time I check. Sorry for the bother, where such a simple solution was at hand. I still am curious where this came from, but a good functioning Homey is definitely the most important.
Happy that my doorbell rings when the button is pressed, not 2 minutes later… :wink:

I still think about a memory leak causing this
After a couple off days Homey memory is growing and causing trouble

I am in a discussion with Homey via mail and they said that my Homey has memory leaks (i have sent them a diagnostical report)

There is a experimental release V2.0.5-rc5 : https://firmware.athom.com/

Hope this will fix it as my Homey is very unreliable at the moment. What is that PtP? Just make IT powerless for 15 minutes?


Pull the Plug

Yep I think so as well! Have the same problem. Extremely high loads and a full system memory.

After a reboot or PTP it starts with some free memory to spare, but quickly it runs full and after a day it becomes irresponsive and slow (with high system loads of 300%+).

Where can one find the LOAD AVERAGE?

app -> more -> settings -> algemeen :wink:

So it’s just the memory?
I’m experiencing the same. Much load. Wallplug are not switched automatically anymore.
Yesterday was weird:
*Switch on a wallplug (by it’s button) and it switched of instantly (no flow for that!).
*Looking at my television and seeing that homey is moving the chromecast volume up and down just out of nothing.
After a Homey restart it was fine again, but switching wallplugs via flows is still a pain in the *ss.

Herewith my mail conversation (in Dutch) with a member of homey:

Hi Kars, Zouden de eerder genoemde problemen opgelost moeten zijn met Homey v2.0.5-rc.5 experimental? Ik zag hem toevallig staan. Ik wacht in ieder geval even op die officiële release ipv expirimental. Momenteel werkt echt bijna niets meer. Heb alle tijd-triggers uit gezet omdat er enorm veel apparaten toch niet meer geschakeld worden (met als gevolg dat de lampen anders de hele nacht blijven branden).
Groet, Jack

Dag Jack,
Ik begrijp de frustratie en onze excuses daarvoor. Het lastige van een memory leak is dat wanneer iemand het daadwerkelijk ervaart is het al te laat. Het probleem begint veel eerder, dit maakt het lastig om het te achterhalen. We proberen het daarom te reproduceren en te vinden wat het veroorzaakt. Zodra we de oorzaak hebben gevonden is het ook heel snel opgelost.
Met betrekking tot de updates, dit zal ook niet intressant zijn. Want zodra het is gevonden is het ook snel opgelost. Wij werken er in iedergeval aan en proberen het zo snel mogelijk op te lossen.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Best Regards,
Athom Support

So hopefully Homey v2.0.5-rc.5 be released soon and contains te fix. Now my Homey is really unuseable.

Just an update: I have restarted (PTP) Homey about three times since my first post. All symptoms were similar and I still haven’t found the culprit, a malfunctioning app or flow.
Currently I have enabled the experiment Power User, which enabled me to make a flow performing a weekly soft reboot. This seems to alleviate the problem, I haven’t PTP’d since using this.

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I do the same every wednesday and sunday softreset Homey.
Until now it is up and running

Same here. Every night it reboots.
Works fine now.