Verry High load on Homey v3.2.1-rc.8

I experience a very high load on Homey v3.2.1-rc.8
often between 150% and 250%!
As a result, some apps do not work properly and homey flows are missing.
I already have all apps that are not immediately necessary and turned off and in the developer environment under performance I can not really find an app that causes this.
Do more people experience this behavior? Can something be done about it?
mvg, Rutger

But it’s 3.2 stable.

Yes, it was ok.
But not in this RC version.

There are more troubles in the latest RC versions.
I do have red ring for a while after restart (Scaring) higher Memory usage (from 165 Mb to 220 Mb) and higher Load average.

So I think something wrong with the latest updates.
I did make a ticket to Athom, but they answer I do use to much apps. I think that is not the reason, because it didn’t change as before the updates

Yep, die me the same.
I also use a lot of apps and before it was not a probleem.

Even with a lot apps disabled high cpu

In Homey v3.2.1-rc.9 everything is back to normal.

not realy
Still red ring, devices showing red triangles, etc.

I have periodical peaks in CPU load over 200%:

Does anyone know how to find the causing app or part of homey system?
All apps in Insights have 0,00% CPU load.
So my question: Were does this load come from?
Exists a possibility to get the system load of system parts like flows, ZigBee, Z-Wave, perhaps somewhere in Developer site?