High system load


This morning I noticed my Homey was very unresponsive, I checked the load and it was through the roof (always over 1, sometimes up to 3).
After some troubleshooting I found the problem, a very simple flow:

How can this simple flow cause such a high load?
Red lines is where I created the flow and where I disabled it

This shows the problem more clearly:

What type of device is the socket?

Neo. Which I have been using for a year already in a flow for that pump.

But… it gets weirder.
I enabled the flow again to check what would happen. It didn’t run yet since it starts at midnight but for now there is no higher load.

I also noticed this when i enabled memory use together with the system load:

How can a flow like this cause such a difference in memory usage?

Not entirely sure but what I do know is that the “turn off after … minutes” is prone to causing a CPU spike. Hence I transferred all flows with that card to countdown.

Maybe a dumb question, but how to activate the CPU-load graph in Insights?
I only have the energy options under Homey…

Go to settings/experiments.

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