Does this average load look normal?

Not really a serious issue, but I’m just wondering about average load. Sometimes there is a small delay when lights turn on for example, though not always during high load. The load periodically peaks >1, sometimes even in the 5m average. I tried to rule out flows (advanced, definitely no extreme amount of triggers) and apps by disabling them, but that didn’t make a real difference. I’m using deconz with about 50 zigbee devices, none of which are connected directly to my 2019 Homey. Support couldn’t help, but if it is normal I guess I’ll just have to let go. :wink:

Does this load pattern look normal to others (6 hours graph)?

This is mine, and Homey runs fine:

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Verry jealous !

Thanks, so it looks like I don’t have to worry. :slight_smile:

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