[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

:uk: - Eufy Security Smart Home Simplified

Add support for Eufy Cam/Doorbell in Homey.

Useful links

This is not the topic for Eufy Home devices.
The topic for Eufy Home you can find here: Eufy Home

Account Information
Because of the way the Eufy Security private API works, an email/password combo cannot
work with both the Eufy Security mobile app and this app. It is recommended to
use the mobile app to create a secondary “admin” account with a separate email address
and use it with this app.


  • Install this app on your Homey.
  • Go to add devices
  • Provide your Username and Password. Click Next
  • Available devices show up

Current features:

  • turn on/off camera (EufyCam pan&tilt will turn its lens)
  • Set guard mode (Home, Away, Disarmed, Schedule)
  • Add devices and use them in flows. (on/off)
  • Get notifications based on detection modes for specific devices. (Motion, Face, Sound and Doorbell Press)
  • Get images when motion is detected
  • See last motion events
  • Generic alarm for each camera → Heimdall (goes off for all events except doorbell press)

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch
  • :fr: French

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:computer: Apps made by @martijnpoppen

See for more apps link below :point_down:t2: or just open the pull down.



Live version and Test version

Changelog can be viewed on the app page.

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To do:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I don’t receive notifications/device updates in Homey
A1: Make sure the selected security mode inside the official Eufy app has enabled notifications for your device. (Home / Away / etc)
A2: Sometimes it might help to restart the Eufy app in Homey

Q2: Can I disable notifications on my Phone and keep them on Homey?
A1: Unfortunately not. Homey registers itself as a Android device at Eufy.
A2: Work-around Android: Disable motion inside the Android settings (Apps → Eufy → Notifications)
A3: Work-around Ios: (link)

Q3: Images are not updating in the app
A1: Images are only updating when an event happened: motion/person detection or doorbell press
A2: Check FAQ Q1 for the correct settings

Q4: My device shows a error
A1: If the error message contains a captcha error. Then follow the instruction
A2: If the error show that it can’t find the device or station serial number:

A2.1: Homey mobile app: Go to the device settings → maintenance → repair.
A2.2: Homey web app: Right click on the device → repair.
A2.3: This will update your devices and sync them with the Eufy server

Q5: The battery status and temperature is not aligned with the official Eufy app
A1: Seems like the battery/temperature status is incorrect. Eufy is not updating that every day to the cloud. so the data is quite outdated. Once Eufy resolves this the battery status will be correct in Homey.

Q6: When I change to Geofencing/Schedule Homey doesn’t update
A1 When you come home - select Home on the keypad. Make a flow like this: Gedeelde Flow | Homey (with these settings: https://global.discourse-cdn.com/business4/uploads/athom/optimized/3X/a/1/a1c570c5ac6a6e98283ab951829d0e24a8a97eed_2_250x500.jpeg)
A2: Don’t use Schedule/ Geo in Eufy and let Homey decide what Eufy needs to do. In this way you can combine other brands together with Eufy. Like this Homey is your source of truth and decides what other hubs/devices needs to do.

Q7: When I try to add a new camera it doesn’t show up
A1: Make sure the new camera is shared with your extra account. Otherwise it can’t be picked up by Homey.

Q8: Eufy disables my Homebase notifications
A1: Use the force notification option inside the Homebase setting: [APP][Pro] Eufy Security - #1029 by martijnpoppen

Q9: How to start a stream
A1: Follow this flow and you can start a stream on a chromecast device or use this url on another machine: Gedeelde Flow | Homey and Gedeelde Flow | Homey (TIP: use cast a webpage card)
A2: To Prevent delays: Make sure to set your Stream to Smart Display first. you can find this when you go to you camera settings → video quality → Streaming to Smart Display

Q10: Changing guard mode shows: Not available for this device
A1: This is because the security modes are setup globally. The Off option is only for the homebase. When you see Not available for this device the security mode isn’t changed and the Homey app shows this message as an indicator that it cannot be used with this device.

Q11: Commands to Eufy are not working (on/off , security modes, etc)
A1: This might be caused by your network. If Eufy and Homey are not in the same network the connection won’t work (unless on Homey Cloud).
A2: Since Homey-Eufy version 3 it’s possible to have dynamic IP addresess for your Eufy cameras/homebase. So if you have set-up a static IP and experience any issues, make the IP dynamic, restart the Homey-Eufy app and try again.

Q12: My camera notifications settings are put on include thumbnail
A1: Since Homey-Eufy version 3 this is forced from Homey. As include thumbnail is the best setting which allows Homey to react to all camera types. Text only doesn’t contain an image and Full Effect gives duplicate data and unpredicted results as this behaves different per camera model.

Q13: Does this app work on my Homey?
A1: Homey Pro: YES
A2: Homey (Early 2016): YES
A3: Homey (Early 2018): YES
A4: Homey (Early 2019): YES
A5: Homey (Early 2023): YES
A6: Homey Cloud (Bridge): NO (Status: Will not be released as a Cloud App)

A7.1: All old Homey’s are Pro now. (The white ball) Only with less cpu and memory.
A7.2: HOMEY is now a cloud service you can run free or with subscription and a Bridge as a local antenna.


Update Eufy Patches (09-05-2023):

Eufy patched some functionalities:

  1. Web streams are not working. Due to API restrictions its currently not possible to stream a web stream from Homey → [Question]: RTMP CloudLiveStream migrated to WEBRTC · Issue #317 · bropat/eufy-security-client · GitHub


Hi @martijnpoppen , this is great news, when are you going to support other products ?

I have a eufy doorbell 2k wired and a homebase 2 with 2 1080 p cams.
If I can help you with this by testing let me know.

Hi @Rens_Hoekema ,
Currently i’m trying to get the notifications to homey.
I think this will also work with the doorbell press but i’m not sure.
If I have a new version ready i’ll reach out to you via DM :slight_smile:


I have a doorbell too, i would like to test too :slight_smile:


Hello Martijn, If I can helping you with testing the doorbell please let me know.


If you need a tester for the wired doorbell let me know :+1::+1:


Another Wireless 2K Doorbell user here, let me know if you want me to test something!


Got the notifications working. (Motion, Face, Sound and Doorbell Press).

To test it follow these steps:

  • create and extra account in Eufy (otherwise you can be blocked)
  • Make sure you have notifications turned on in your eufy app.
  • install app from community store (v0.7.0)
  • configure app.
  • login with your eufy credentials (the one you just created)
  • Select listen to eufy notifications (checkmark)
  • Save changes. Wait until you see “saved” (don’t hit the save button to many times Eufy will block you)
  • now Eufy is active in your triggers and actions. (there is no support for devices yet).
  • For the if flow -> you can select the specific detection
  • in the then flow -> you can select if you want to set the Guard mode and turn your device on/off

community store: Homey Community Store
or CLI method: GitHub - martijnpoppen/com.eufylife.security at 0.7.0

Next feature I’ll be working on will be adding of devices so you can create flows per device. :slight_smile:


I’m also interested in a eufy integration

Thanks for the update!
I tried to get the Deurbel Druk working, but it didn’t work.
This is what I have done so far:

  • Shared the devices (EufySecurity app --> Family & Guest --> Add Admin) with a second account.
  • Logged in with second account in the EufySecurity, can see the devices and get notifications.
  • Installed v0.7.0 from Community
  • In Homey Eufy app, Configure App
  • Logged in with the second account. But no keys are generated. It only tells me: “Saved. Logged in to EufyLife.”
  • Tried to create a flow, but no doorbell press was detected.

When I go back to configure the Homey Eufy, all the login details are gone.
And when I try to fill in random things in the login, it also gives the above “Saved” state.
So it looks like the login isn’t working anymore.
With the previous version, it did work and got all de different keys.
If you need any more testing, please let me know!

Hi @Pim_L,
Thanks for your findings.

Did you also log out of the EufySecurity app (on your phone) again?
Because you should logged in in to the EufySecurity app with your main account and logged in with the second account on the homey app.

Can you share a screenshot of the Configure App page in a DM?

That is amazing @martijnpoppen !
I’ve already got an integration working with a Fibaro Implant, but this makes it so much more convenient!

How likely do you think it will be able to include a camera screenshot as well?
Would love to connect that with the Face Recognition app for full integration :slight_smile:

Yes working on that too.

Trying to get devices up and running. I think then it would be possible to have the notfication screenshot as well.

First fixing some Authentication problems :frowning:


Hi @martijnpoppen .

I see that an (other) app has appeared in the Homey store.

Or is the same app?

Hi Twan,
Yes @Pim_L already send me a message about that. It’s a different one.
But as far as i see only doorbell support.

I also requested a publish of my app to the main store. Let’s see where this goes :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you already got it working, because I didn’t.
Installed the app, logged in with my second account (admin rights), got a (swedish?) message that I was logged in, but it didn’t found my doorbell.