[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

I have not purchased anything yet, but very intrested in the complete package, so doorbell, cameras (indoor and outdoor) but also the keypad, sensors etc.

If I get confirmation that everything works in 1 (eufy) app, and is supported in Homey as well, I will get the full package. Or maybe I start with doorbell and cameras. Did I read correct that this app does support cameras as well? Both indoor and outdoor?

At this moment, the one from Martijn works with the most devices.
But no images (yet).
Everything that triggers a notification with the Eufy devices can start a flow.
But the devices itself won’t be added to Homey (yet?)
For me it has the most important one (trigger a flow when doorbell is pressed).
I’m also looking for other devices, especially the Battery Outdoor Camera’s.

Hi @Pim_L and @martijnpoppen .

How is the integration with the Heimdall app?
I guess not yet, as no devices are added to Homey, correct?

I have a new release ready but waiting to install in the community store :slight_smile:
That one includes devices.


Hi Martijn, the app in Homey says:

Error: request failed: https://security-app-eur-eufylife.com/v1/passport/login-> 26052 - need validate code


Hmm, I think that’s the 2FA part.
I have to look in to that.

What I did:

  • make a extra guest/admin account
  • grant that account access to your devices
  • login in to homey with that account

I’ll put 2FA on the list. As far as I saw in the library it should be possible

done everything but no succes.
Or do i have to wait till you add the 2FA?

If you disable 2FA on the extra account it should work.

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@martijnpoppen Cannot wait until this is released, then I can start testing as well.


You’re running an older version. That had authentication problems. So be good in the next release

+1, hurry up Homey team! :smiley:


Athom is not going to include my app in the official store.
They allow only one Eufy app in the store. And that’s this one: Eufy Security | Homey

They asked me to collaborate on that app.

After consideration they will add it :smiley:


Updated to 1.2.1 Community Store com.eufylife.security 1.2.1

  • Fixed authentication issues for existing users.
  • Added clear all button in settings page to reset data. (in case Eufy blocked you)
  • Added device -> with on/off flow settings
  • Use device in flow - For now only on global level (not per device)
  • Get notification for a specific device

It’s a breaking change, so if you already had a flow with this app make sure to add a device first then edit your flow :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Xa4 @Jacques_Derks @Szergely @Rens_Hoekema @Pim_L - If you could test it would be great :smiley: :+1:


Already tested the Doorbell function, and it’s working great! :wink:



Not yet working for me

2k wired deurbel:

eufy 2 cam outdoor

Did you select this in the settings?

@martijnpoppen Yes it is selected

Now I get this message… any idea? Thanks for the effort

Uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it, now it works :slight_smile:

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Hi @martijnpoppen ,

Thanks for the update.
I can confirm it’s working for the doorbell.

2 questions though:

  • While setting up the camera, the wired doorbell 2k is listed 3 times. Are these different models or have they been duplicated by error?
  • Only the flows for the doorbell button press are working, motion isn’t. Is this feature only working for other camera’s or should it also work for the doorbell?

Again, really appreciate your work on this app!

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