Eufy and Homey Pro are not connecting

Hi, just purchased the Eufy doorbell, the homebase2 and two Cam2 camera. All devices are working fine with the Eufy security application. As I am also using a Homey (model early 2019, using os 720), I installed on the Homey the Eufy security app. I created as recommended a 2nd Eufy admin account and configured the app using the second account. It succesfully login and return the details from the cloud (see picture). I then succesfully added the 4 devices in Homey. The issue I am facing now is that commands from the Homey (like turning the camara on/off) are not seen by Eufy, but also the other way homey is not reacting if the camera or doorbell is creating an event. Restarting the Homey app does not give an improvement. Also changing the global ip to the local 192.168.x.x and rebooting homey is not giving any improvement. Any other advice anyone can give?

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Hey @Dyan_dh ,
Can you send a diagnostic report?

You can do that via

More - apps - Eufy Security - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report

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Hoi Martijn, DR gemaakt, code is 92aeef8c-5565-4e4c-b87d-363b809a1884