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Just to let you know that it works now. I’ve deleted the Ring Security app and reinstalled it from Ring Security | Homey. When it wasn’t working, I’ve installed the app from the CLI. This is now the only difference I can think about.
Looking out for future improvements already. I’ll donate something for Heimdall and this Ring Security. Keep up the (very!) good work.


Hi Frederik,

That’s the reason for sure. In order for the Ring Security app to be able to talk to Heimdall it needs an API key that isn’t available when doing a CLI install. I will add that to the opening post.
Thank you for your donation, much appreciated!



I’m using this beta app now for many weeks and I’m very happy with it. Sometimes a out-of-sync occurs, this morning for the third time. This is why I want to share.

This morning (at ± 7:00am) there was a difference between Heimdall Surveillance state (Disabled by flow) and the Ring Keyboard device (Partially armed). This was the third time it occurs since i’m using this device. CPU utillisation was 1,37 at that moment, to me it looks like as a lost sync caused by heavy load.

I discovered the app was still at v0.1.1 although auto-update was enabled. Installed the new version 0.2.1, but no idea if this sync is a known issue already solved in the new version.

Kind regards.

Hi Jeroen,

This is the first report I see that the mode of the Keypad differs from Heimdalls Surveillance Mode. In fact the modes are not exactly synched between the apps, it’s a one time action at the moment a change in the Surveillance Mode occurs. When the Surveillance Mode changes Heimdall emits a system wide event. The Ring Security app is subscribed to these events and when it receives the event is sends a Z-Wave command to the Ring Keypad to set the correct mode. So it’s a chain of events that need to take place and I can imagine Homey has a hard time when the CPU utillisation is at 1,37.
Can you please keep a close look on how it behaves in the future? I’m not sure if this is anything that can be fixed in the (either Heimdall or Ring Security) app but maybe delaying actions in flows may be a solution.

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Just discovered the great work you’re doing on this project.
I was wondering whether you have any (short-term) plans on integrating other security panels (like Eufy) as well.

Thanks @MrBlue,

I have no plans to support other security panels right now. Also, there is an app for Eufy already.
The integration between the Ring Keypad is based on the API in Heimdall and the realtime events Heimdall emits on Surveillance Mode changes.
Basically any devices’ app* can talk to the API and receive the events.

Maybe @martijnpoppen is willing looking into integrating the Eufy panel with Heimdall, Documentation can be found here: How to get access to API Endpoints from another app. · daneedk/com.uc.heimdall Wiki · GitHub

(* The app will need an API key provided by me)

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Thanks for the heads up.
I’m fully aware (and a happy user) of @martijnpoppen 's app.
Since there’s an open API, I’ll take it to the Eufy thread and discuss it with Martijn there.

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Is it possible to use more then one code or tag and this will recornized by Heimdall/Homey so you know who switch /come home?
I cannot find it in the earlier post or version info.


When using the integration between the Ring Security and Heimdall as described here. Multiple users with unique PINs can be created in Heimdall as described here.

These users are independent of Homey users so the people with a PIN do not need to have an account on your Homey!

The information who changed the Surveillance Mode is logged into Heimdalls log.
Unfortunately that information can’t be used in flows, see the reason why here

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Is it possible to have the Ring keypad and sensor connected to Homey at the same time they are connected to Homey?

When first trying to connecting the keypad to Homey I noted it disconnected from the Ring app. Any suggestion?

Again thanks for a great app!

@Pomki3918 You can only connect a z-wave device to one gateway at a time, just like a zigbee device. So the ring keypad can only be linked to homey or only to the ring platform, if I have understood correctly. (correct me if i’m wrong)

@DaneedeKruyff thanks for your nice work. I just made a donation. I just have a question. When I set the keyboard language to Dutch on the settings page, it just keeps speaking English, is that a bug?

Correct. My aim was to use the Ring app and at the same time include motion sensors in Homey.

Which Ring Keypad version do you use? Are you sure the command is sent (and received) to (by) your Keypad upon saving?

@DaneedeKruyff First of all Happy Birthday :partying_face: I’m using V2 of the key pad. How can I see if the command has been sent and received? if I have set it on the settings page and press save then I get to see that the settings have been saved, but nothing happens.

if I do I get to see this on the developer page, look at the log as I language:

[ProcessSendData]: To node: 44 with data: 0x9f03b5008388e2a6d11196f38d86472ff4a51eacad and txOptions: TRANSMIT_OPTION_ACK,TRANSMIT_OPTION_AUTO_ROUTE,TRANSMIT_OPTION_EXPLORE

Thanks, but it’s not my birthday, probably the day my account was created on the forum.
I’ve tested this on the V2 Ring Keypad when I first started writing the driver but have made quite some changes after so I’ll have to look into it.

Found the problem, fix will be included in the next release, thanks for reporting!

@DaneedeKruyff ah great, that’s good news, thank you for your time and energy🙏🏼

Hi @DaneedeKruyff, I saw double flow cards for the ring keyboard V2, I don’t know if there is any difference between these cards and if this is correct?

Thats just a representation in the App Store, those are not the actual cards and beyond my control unfortunately.

These are the actual cards: