Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

Set capabilities of device’s per zone, for example open or close all curtains in a certain zone, including (or not) the subzones.
Also listens for capabilities of which there are no triggers from the app developer.
And a condition able to set a capability and wait for a specific “error”.

Example: Set curtain.windowcoverings_set To 0 in Home including subzones (Yes).
This will close all curtains in the Home and subzones. Setting it to 1 will open all curtains.

Example: Listen (watch) from Vacuumcleaner1 for bin_full
The flow will be triggered when a device called Vacuumcleaner1 has the capacity bin_full changed.
Check the value for true and send a notification to your phone to know when the vacuumcleaner bin is full.

Example: Set SamsungFrameTV.onof to True and wait for error: Powered on already…
The flow will continue after the TV has been turned ON. So no more flows with delays for waiting for TV or Coffeemaker to turn on.
To know which Errors are given, create a flow with the normal On/Off flowcard and execute that flow. You will recieve errors like “Powering on in progress” or “Allready powered on…”. These errors can be “watched” for.
For example; In the next flow i turn on the TV (Called Frame).
If the TV is turned of and when I start it, no error returns.
If i directly press it again, i get an “Powering on in progress…”. If i wait a few seconds and start it again, i get the messages “Powered on allready…”.

This way you can get the error messages. You can copy the text from the red error message and use it in the Wait for error FlowCard.

How to find a capability for a device?
In the first field, you enter the device name.
In the second field, you AGAIN fill in the Exact name of the Device, then you will get a list of the capabilities (Stoffie is a Roomba 980 and this is my working case):
You can then select the correct Capability, in this case bin_full


This works great voor a PA system:
How to make a Great Public Announcement ¶ System with any device! - Apps - Homey Community Forum (

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Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk,
this is maybe slightly off the actual topic but have you tried doing the set part with my Zone Memory app?
I am asking because this is an interresting usecase. I have never tested or gotten any test reports about it being used in combination with window coverings.
If you are willing to give that a shot, I would be interrested in your experience by using it in combination with those devices.

No i havent actually, Zone memory is on my to-install-list :wink:

But I am actually updating Device Capabilities as we speak to work in combination of two other apps I am publishing (hoping) today.

But go ahead in testing whatever you like :wink:

The sourcecode is available.

Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk

I really like the idea and use cases of this app. im trying to reproduce your example of the robot vacuum. im using the iRobot Roomba 960 and it has an capability “Afvalbak Vol” but i cant select it in your app.
could you point me in the right direction?


Hey, in the first field, you enter the device name.
In the second field, you AGAIN fill in the Exact name of the Device, then you will get a list of the capabilities (Stoffie is a Roomba 980 and this is my working case):
You can then select the correct Capability, in this case bin_full


Yes great this works. on my homey it took a while before the capabilities were shown.


Nah, were you using the webbrowser? Because then you somethimes need to do a space and backspace to get the results, or click in the flowcard JUST outside the textbox :wink:

Yes the ah ok, thanks, like your app!

Funny, you use it exactly why i wrote it in the first place, a trigger for when my Roomba or Braava is full/empty-water :wink:

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Hey @Arie_J_Godschalk, I just want to trie out your app but I didn’t get the list of capabilities.
Then I tried a little bit and find out that you get the capabilities list only if the device name has no space/blank in the device name.
Is it possible to solve this problem?

Hey Fantross,

To be honest, I am gonna rewrite the card(s) that use two seperate fields (Device and Capability) and put them into one field (where all devices are listed with there capabilities). This will be much more userfriendly.
This was my first published App, and i needed to learn, untill then all Apps i wrote (for Homey) were private apps.

For work i have a deadline to hold to, as soon as i am able, i will improve these card(s).
(and when i do, i will make sure devices with spaces in it will be listed and can be searched upon, i allready have the perfect functionality in the HOOP app).

I have created an issue (enhancement) at the issues site DeviceCapabilities / issues / #1 - Watch - combine the two fields (Device and capability) into one — Bitbucket


Suggestion for user friendliness: why not enhance the app so that the device name does not need to be entered 2x on one flow card? If I’m listening to Stoffie, then most likely I would only like to see Stoffie’s events?

Haha, indeed, read my post just before your post :wink:
This is exaclty what i will change as soon as i am able.

LOL - perfect - liked your other post :slight_smile:

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Okay @fantross and @RogerSt ,
I changed it, a bit differently, or better yet a bitt the same.
I keept the two fields (so flows will not break), but in second field you don’t have to re-enter the device name.
Also device names spaces are allowed, also in searching:



Also beter orderby and other fixes.

Just submitted for approval.

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Safe enough to try :slight_smile: go for it!

Get BlueMail for Android

@Arie_J_Godschalk how do you send a massage to your watch? I can’t find the watchman app. I hava an apple watch and this looks good.

Sorry, that is a private App and i would need a Athom Api Client and Secret for it (which i have) and use it publicly (which is still not allowed by Athom).

They do allow it, but you need to contact Athom support with good examples etc, then they can(/will) give you public api keys

How does that work when it says: The Web API is not yet available for 3rd party developers.

Kind of an impossible enigma :wink: