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Hello all,

I am an full-stack self-employed software consultant and developer, specialized in custom solution for Exact Globe, Exact Synegy Enterprise and (database) performance enhancements.

For Homey i have a developed a few Apps and scripts, and i also (very recently) took over the Chronograph App, Virtual Devices App, Better Logic App, Simple LOG App and the BeNext App.

Apps developed or maintained by me

My Scripts

NPM packages


Donations are very welcome :slight_smile:


Apps developed or maintained by me:

Advanced Triggers


Better Logic


Device Capabilities
Advanced Virtual Device

FTP Client

Google Services

Homesh Controller

Homesh Satellite

JSON Handler and Manipulator


Music Url Converter

Simple Log

Universal Media Player

Virtual Devices

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Donations or Sponsorship.

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  • Bram Chlon
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  • Rob Heesakkers
  • Alfred Broer
  • Eddy Poot
  • Rob Heesakkers
  • Gijs Driessen
  • Rene van Ginkel
  • Ruurd van der Noord
  • David Westerik
  • Roger Stoffers
  • Henk Renting
  • Michel Satoer
  • Marco Pietersma
  • Werner van der Bos
  • Oyvind Kaurstad
  • Jarkko Peltola
  • Nikodem Maciol
  • Bretislav Kubesa
  • Jonathan Draper
  • Ton van Rijnsoever
  • Christer Sjöström
  • Anders Gregow
  • Hendrik-Jan van Dijk
  • Rob Pel
  • Jeroen Bongers
  • Mobile YachtService Holland
  • Bretislav Kubesa
  • @Robinyoh
  • Thomas Kroon
  • Pieter Pessers
  • Ruurd van der Noord
  • R. Stoffers
  • Michael Justus
  • Stephen Perlet
  • Tom Bouwhuis
  • Matthias Ost
  • Arjan van der Maden
  • Peter Dwarswaard
  • Ronny Winkler
  • Johan Bendz
  • Ton Meek
  • Matthias Ost
  • Henk Renting
  • JA Pekkeriet
  • Bart Overdevest
  • Robin Rutberg
  • Kai Engvik
  • Harrie ter Doest
  • Anders Gregow
  • Frank van der Stad
  • A. Evers
  • Christiaan Hovens
  • Rayn Concept
  • P van Lier
  • Dirk Göbel
  • Remco Mengers
  • Jörg Kattwinkel
  • Ricardo van Dijk
  • Jordy Butaeije
  • Paul Scholte
  • Jeroen Miedema


  • Ranney
  • Jeroen
  • Pierre Billon

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