[APP][Pro] FTP Client - Control FTP Servers through a directory-based UI in the Homey App or Web App

It’s Live!

This App let’s you control any FTP Server directly from your Homey, in a directory based UI.
You can Add, Rename, Move and Delete folders and files directly from the Homey App or Web App, anywhere you want!

You can also Download files anywhere on the Homey Web App or with the Homey Mobile App, secure, without opening ports or firewalls!

To drag and drop on Mobiles or Tablets, first select a folder or file, than start dragging.
Click right-click or press/tab-long on items for a contextmenu.

This works great with f.i. a FTP Server running on a Synology.

It contains a flowcard to retrieve a (http) url to access the files: So you can use this to play a file on Sonos f.i…

But this is developed for and works great with the Micro Web Server App.
Combine these two apps to replace Soundboard as a local storage!

Install the Ftp Server (Micro Web Server)

  • Install the Micro Web Server App.
  • Goto the MWS App Settings and turn on the Ftp Server and put it on Autostart.

Install the Ftp Client.

  • Install the Ftp Client App.
  • Create a new Ftp Client Device.
  • Select the Ftp Micro Web Server and press next.

Now go into Device Repair and start editing your locally-on-homey-stored folders and files!
You can right-click or long-press/long-tab on folders and files for more options like uploading and downloading.




Flowcard to retrieve an Url.

It retrieves the file from the Ftp server and keeps it accessable for 60 seconds (this can be set per device in device-settings) through a url.
This works perfectly on my Sonos speakers!


Device Settings:

Please report issues or feature requests at QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.FtpClient/ issues — Bitbucket.


Donations or Sponsorship




Again thanks @DaneedeKruyff for informing me of Micro Web Server!
It’s a real neat FTP Server!


Link to your app is missing ?

Not in the store yet :wink:
Working on it right now to get it published!

Ah, I guessed that was the case.

Hint, don’t know if you knew alr, but you can format the app store URL in a way it shows automatically in the viewer’s language

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Thanks and i do now, just haven’t had time to do everything on my list, like this, or sleeping :stuck_out_tongue:

But, changed for most generic topics now!

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Yes you should sleep every once in a while hehe, and how about the misses :wink:

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Hey Peter and other users,

You can now download files anywhere (through SSL) :slight_smile:, on your phone also.
So i can now access my FTP behind my firewall without opening a VPN or port-routing :slight_smile:
Just within the homey app or web app itself :slight_smile:

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Got a real nice update @Peter_Kawa.

Thumbnail view with contextmenu’s, works also great on my phone (and ofc Web).

Almost ready to submit for review!

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Nice work, Arie! Will CLI it to fiddle with it :wink:

Good job @Arie_J_Godschalk Nice new app I was looking for an easy way for sounds and things on Homey. now i can wait for this. works this also on a cloud servers website on the internet with a ftp server? With privacy and no other can into this hack?

Do you mean; can it connect to a FTP Server on the internet? Sure, if you use a hostname or ip address and Homey has access to it.

About how it works, i will explain it in further details later, but simple put:
You can choose how files are transported (download to you or a device)
Local, LocalSSL or CloudSSL.

In all cases, the files are put available for a few seconds through the connection (f.i. the Athom Cloud). And you need a 24 digit key and a exact filename to download the file, within the (settable) timeframe (5 seconds for instance).
I am also adding a times-download-limit, so you can set it to 1 time.

So, currently, lets say you are away from home:

You open the Homey App and goto the FTP connection–> Repair.
Here you see al folders and files.
When you click on download:

A file is put available for a few seconds and can only be served with the correct key and filename.

I am going for extreem as possible User Friendlyness and Securety, alltho those two bite.

Yes that is what i mean. Then i can use my own ftp server. But i want it save for my home that not everyone can go into homey and then disrupt my whole house. :grin:

I can connect through my Homey to my private LAN FTP and securly download files remotly, yes!

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@Gruijter have a nice app to download automatisch insights from homey to the server.


I just published to Athom for review!

QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.ftpclient — Bitbucket

There is the sourcecode, for anyone wanting to install it through CLI.

This is a real neat nice user friendly FTP CLient on your Homey :slight_smile:

Moving files/folders is the next update :slight_smile:

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It works fine Arie. It’s nice to see the url of my local (freshly installed) NAS gets sort of rerouted via Homey :wink:

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