Camera Snapshot to Homey (from synology)

I make a snapshot of my camera with Home Assistant directly in a folder of my synology nas. That works great. Now I would like to use this file snapshot from my synology nas with Homey, so that I can send it with Pushover or mail or something like that.

Does everyone know how I can make it works?

Yes, use FTP Client App voor Homey | Homey.

You can connect to your NAS through FTP ( i also do this with this app and synology).

See [APP][Pro] FTP Client - Control FTP Servers through a directory-based UI in the Homey App or Web App - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Ok, thank you. Sounds good. But then I have to set up FTP directly on my synology?

Yeah, on your Synology you need to enable the FTP.
Under Configuration–> fileservices–>FTP, enable FTP-service.

Now you can log into FTP using your default users.
You just need to set the group and/or access:

This is only read acces, you also might want write acces :wink:

After that, check if Boniour is on (this lets the network know the FTP):
Under Configuration–> fileservices–> Advanced:

After that, create a FTP Connection device in the FTP Client App: Your Synology should be in the list to select from.

Thank you very much. I’ll try that. And then I‘m able to say „when“ snapshot on my synology changed from the FTP client, I can send the image over pushover for example?

No, sorry, there is no trigger for that and i don’t think FTP supports that.
Not sure how to do that with Synology tbh. How do you drop the files on it? (Windows) network?

I’ll have a look into it, but i think the solution would be something with httprequest from Synology to Homey when a file is dropped in the folder.

Can you have HA “alert” Homey after a file is placed in the folder?

Hi Arie

Thank you for your answer. I will have a look at this at the weekend.