Save snapshot on NAS/FTP/Webdav


I have a nice setup with Homey, some Klik Aan Klik Uit equipment, a Ring, a webcam, a Nas, Kodi, etc. There is just one thing I havent’t figured out yet and am wondering if it is possible.

When my a flow of my IP-Cam or Ring is triggered, a snapshot is taken with a tag. I can then send the image by phone notification of memail. But, for looking back in past events I would really like to also store the snapshots on my NAS.

My IP-Cam works with Surveillance station, but Ring is another story. So It would be nice if I could FTP/SMB/Webdav/NFS an image to my nas.

Is there an app for that? I have looked, searched and Googled, but cannot find anything.

Thanks guys (and girls).

Actually looking for the exact same thing.
Any chance you found an app or workaround so far?

I’m afraid not. As far as I can tell there is no app support for nas/smb/ftp. But I also found that taking a snapshot from a Ring device is not reliable. It doesn’t work 60% of the time.

I have not seen an option for NAS/FTP/Webcam from Homeyyet but it is possinnle to email it.

Three years later now. Has a solution to this problem already been found?

Have you tried the FTP Client app?

That’s a good one! Didn’t know that existed. Go play with it tomorrow!