HomeyScript script to store image token on server


I am looking for a HomeyScript script which allows me to store an image token (e.g. created with Image Grabber app) on a server using FTP or another protocol.

Use case is that I want to store a snapshot each time a visitor triggers the doorbell at store it on a folder of my NAS.

Hope someone can get me started.

Thanks in advance.


Did you Find away to do this? Ping @RobertC
Want the exact same thing.

I solved the issue but did it using Surveillance Station on my Synology NAS. Surveillance Station allows to execute events (like storing snapshots) on defined triggers like a received Webhook. Solution: On my Homey I have flows setup which triggers a Webhook, which will have Surveillance Station to store snapshots.

@RobertC I Created a simple app that fixes this for me. Maybe it’s something you want to? It takes an Image Token en posts to your server.