How to delete image tokens

I have generated a ton of image tokens ( using the synology app but there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete them. How do I go about deleting them?

Restart the app, that should remove it.

Next version will just create 1 image token per device, and replace it on the next snapshot.

Thanks Jorden, that works!!

On a off-topic conversation, would you be able to also advice me on what I can do with the telegram app crashing every time I attach the image token to be sent to my account?? I think I have sent a crash report before.

Did you use the “local” image tag, or the one in Homey where you search for the image tag? In the last case, that is the cause of the crash.

I have received a lot of those crash reports and will soon build in a protection check.

Would you be able to kindly explain what you mean by “local” vs homey’s search? When I select the send a picture card and tap the ? icon, the only option available to me is “snapshot” under the synology app.


What do you use as a trigger (in the when…)?

The trigger is linked to my Yale digital lock when it opens.

The picture isn’t taken when the locks opens. You should do it like:

  1. when lock opens then take picture
  2. when picture taken then send message

then you can use the local tag for flow 2. Now it’s taking the last picture (if it does take one at all).

The picture is taken not in the “when” portion but in the “then” portion.

Note that I incorporated a delay of 10 seconds before sending the snapshot. It is not reflected in the screen cap as I created the flow for illustration purposes only. (I deleted the card as it kept crashing)

  • Please note that Synology, the webcam AND the Homey app might have problems if you save it as a token and save to synology at the same time.
  • Don’t send it to Telegram this way, add a second flow which triggers on your Surveillance Living room device with “a snapshot was taken”. Then you can do that without a delay, because it was trigger the flow when the snapshot is done.
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