Problem with Telegram token

I am using Telegram for notifications on my phone. I had it set up with Telegram boot as instructed. Now I don’t get any notifications and when I look in the Telegram app settings I am asked for a token that I can’t find anywhere.

Can somebody please help me out here?

In the screenshot you are missing user, to whom you send notification to… do you have given user registered in the bot?

This is what my bot looks like. No where to type a message and also an image from my telegram settings in Homey asking for a token


The token you used is not correct - please follow the instructions again.

Made a new bot and things are running smoothly again :grinning:

Now when Telegram is working I don’t understand what’s going wrong here. It can’t send the temperature?

I noticed you share screenshots of 2 different Telegram apps
There are 3 of them, while it’s also in the CallmeBot app.
The most sophisticated one, in my eyes, is Telegram (without “bot”).
Make sure you use the right how-to :wink:

Here’s the screenshot you posted of the Telegram (without “bot”) app

The other one, of the flow, is from the Telegram Bot app. Look at the subtle app avatar differences…

This is a really, really old version of my Telegram app. Formally called “Telegram Notifications” now only “Telegram”.

This is a wrongly configured Telegram app. If you want to setup my app, follow the instructions inside the app’s settings screen.

Thanks for your help guys! Any idea why I can’t send sensor temp?

Do you use the supported Telegram app ? On the screenshot, you have Telegram bot… also when you execute it, it will give you RED line, on which you can hover mouse and it will tell you what is wrong.

As far as I can tell, he is using the Telegram app from Jorden and also mine.

Mine is not setup and quite an old version.

I can’t say anything about Jorden’s app because I’ve never used it.