Telegram App HomeyBot not responding

I’m trying to set-up the telegram app, but neither the HomeyBot (@athomhomey_bot) nor a self made bot responds to /start, /register xxxxxx or anything else and therefor I can’t connect my telegram account to the homey telegram app. Any suggestions on what’s going on here would be greatly appreciated. I’ve included a screenshot from HomeyBot below.

Has it started working for you? Same problem here and would really want to fix this.

Found the solution on GitHub:

  1. Un-install the app (if you havent already) so it deletes all contents of the app
  2. Install the app from the store
  3. reboot Homey (this was actually the magic trick)
  4. go to settings and insert your api key for the private bot and save that
  5. click on ‘apps’ (or anywhere else as long as it points away from the telegram settings page)
  6. go back to the settings page and you will no longer see the steps just the register command
  7. copy-paste the register command in the chat of your telegram app ie. at
  8. check for the confirmation and try ‘ping’ if you will
  9. Press the Donate button at
  10. profit

Hey! No, I hadn’t got it to work yet so thnx! Will try this out next weekend :slight_smile:

I had the same issue but restarting homey resolved it.
Created few bot and it only works after restart.

Thnx for the tips, so I’ve got the registration working and can also trigger flows! Buttttt the homeybot won’t reply anything. Even if the registration worked, I didn’t get a confirmation. And when I create a flow in wich I want the bot to send me like a “I triggered event x” confirmation, I also get nothing. Any ideas?

I have exactly the same behaviour with my Homey Pro (Early 2019). What can I do?

Restart Homey

I did as @Ebo described.

Update to latest version.