Add contact to Telegram

I’ve searched for the instructions on how to add another contact to Telegram, but couldn’t find them.
Does anyone know how to do this?

fyi: Telegram works and I used the slightly harder way.

On the Settings page, go to “Telegram Bot”. It will show the register command, “/register abc123” where abc123 is the unique token created for your Homey installation.

You can send that to your own bot (if you use that) or the default Homey bot, from the new user.

Thx. That worked.

Is it possible te add multiple phones with telegram with the same bot register code from the telegram app in homey?

Yes that’s possible.

It seems that it doesn’t work here on the second phone. It is registered with the code, but it’s not receiving messages/screenshots from the camera. But I can see the phone in homey when making flows. Any ideas I can test or try to get the second phone working?

OK I tried everything but really can’t find how to add a user, what I want is that my wife, son are added as contact to my telegram app so that I can send messages to them, is this possible?

Bot is working can send and receive messages to my own phone, but cannot find how to add my family as contacts :weary::unamused:

Can you please share a short tutorial how we need to do this? :pray:t3:


Let your family send the /register command to Homeybot, as specified in the settings page.


I made also a own not but how can I add another person to my own bot.

I see another name in the configuration on telegram and add the code in the bot on the other device.
After testing I don’t receive messages only on one phone
What do I wrong

Try to restart the Homey Telegram app, that might help.

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Just added another user, no problem at all.

Hi, I have found what the problem was, just stupid me, auto correct, my last letter of the register code is an i and my iPhone always changed this to I :weary::smirk:

After changing this and restarting the app the user was added without any problems, thanks for your quick reply!

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Hi, pls, i have add HomeyBOT on my telegram account, when i write msg from phone Homey got it and react, but when i add this account to Group, or Channel and i send message for him, nothing happent :frowning:
I want somehow connect telegraph between . Thx

Hi, ia have a working contact in HomeyBot, so i can send msgs to my telegram account.
But how can i send messages to a group?

did you figure out how to add a group so that you can get the telegram bot to send send messages from homey ?

So stating the issue I’m trying to resolve.

I got my own bot, and it works fine to send to individual Telegram recipients.
But I would like to get the Bot sending message to one group that I created instead of sending to several multiple - this would clean up some clutter in my flows for notifications the bot sends out to people in the house that are interested in these.

I cant figure out how to link the group to my bot so that the group is the target of the bot messages.

Did you find out how to add groups?