Telegram Bot issues


has anyone managed to get the Telegram Bot app running? I installed it, created the Token, copied it into the settings, and then ran the /register command in the bot. First of all there is no reaction from the bot, neither on the /register command nor on “ping”. Restarting Homey and the app did not change anything. Same for a couple of reinstalls.

I created a simple flow but when I try to enter something in the “Search” field of the Telegram card, I only receive a very unspecific error. However the search field needs to be set, otherwise I cannot run the flow.

Any ideas?


Did you manage to sort this out?

I have the same problem.

Created the bot, added the API key and sent the registration code.
My user is now registered in the bot, i see my user in the list and i can use it in flows.
But when i sent a Ping i dont get the Pong, also i dont get any message that the bot is sending from a flow.

In the logfile i see that the bot is receiving my Ping messages, and that it sents the Flow results, but i just dont receive them.

any joy from anyone?

So somehow i got messages from my homey and it seems to work…

Hey, sry for the late reply. I did not continue to use TG, using the Homey internal notifications only.

i gave up, as it looks like abandon ware now
I just used IFTTT as that hooks into Homey and it can connect to telegram, you dont get a private bot tho, which would have been nice. but it was working easilly

Well, can tell u it works here on Homey FW versions 5.0.0, 4.2.0 and 3.1.0.
So it’s not abandoned for sure.

no updates in 2 years, and its buggy.
i got it to kinda work… but some things just wouldnt …

If anyone’s still looking, try this. Works like a charm