Image grabber

Hello, I have a problem with the app image grabber and telegram.

When my doorbel rings i get a telegram message and a picture. The problem is i allways get the same picture its not a new one. So its a cache thing i think. But how can i clear it so i will get everytime a new picture.

When i use the image url in the browser i will get everytime a new one. So its a problem with the memory of homey ? @Jorden maybe you can help me ?

Make sure your flows are as follows:

Flow 1:
Trigger -> doorbell rings
Action -> Grab image

Flow 2:
Trigger -> Image is grabbed
Action -> Send image on Telegram (drag “image” from the ImageGrabber trigger to the image field)

If you use the image tag from the tag box in Homey, it will probably not work.


Thanks it was the image tag :rage:

serieusly a week trying and its just a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it also possible to send the image to 2 telegram accounts?
If i add the second account a very old image is send to this one.

I think it should work, as long as you drag the tag from the flowcard to the Telegram accounts.

Can somebody help me with the correct setting for my hikvision camera.
I have build two flows
One to grab the image and the second to send the image via telegram.
But i dont get any image grabbed with the next url.

Look it up at

I have exact the same problem: but even with splitting the flows I still get the same image.
Can you elaborate on "

If you use the image tag from the tag box in Homey, it will probably not work." I took a screenshot where I took the tag

It’s a bug don’t take the Tag from the tag menu. You need to select the tag from the image grabber field.

thks for responding so quick on this special evening. can you help me more with “the image grabber field” where can I find? Can you add a screen shot?

First flow is if the doorbell rings then take a image.
Second flow if a image is grabbed then image send to telegram. And the tag image is the one you can select in the if part. If you have homey V2 then you need to select the local image.

Hi Image Grabber users and Jordan,

is with the latest RC2 for Homey and App, Image Grabber still working? Not with my setup. When testing the flow with either a direct link incl user:password or via the secure option, both don’t resolve in a grabbed image.

I hope it works with you, can you let me know? Thx!


It works without a problem here. Just make sure you use the “local” image tag from the trigger card.

Yup still works.

I have a cheap chinese Wanscam ip camera which i wanted to use with Imagegrabber.
So far no luck.

Did anyone have any succes with other cheap chinese camera’s?

I have a 15 euro chinese webcam that I ordered once a long time ago. It didn’t have a snapshot function but I was able to hook it up to my Synology NAS and can use the builtin snapshot function of Synology Surveillance Station together with the app (version for Homey 2.0 coming up real soon!)

Hi all,

Can somebody send some screenshots on the “Tag stuff”?
I was able to let homey send something (text) to my Telegram so that is up and running.

I than have a flow:
If: Doorbell is pushed -> Than: Grab image Http://IP:port/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=EMAIL&pwd=PASSWORD

And a second flow:
If: Image is grabbed -> Than: Telegrambot -> (Tag) image Send image to me.
So I only use a tag in the second flow in the THAN column. And there is only 1 tag present. It’s called Image (in purple).
In the IF there are 2 tags under tags saying Image I.e. and URL. i.e. http://
Here I didn’t do anything.

Please help :smiley:

thanks for the reply, but I’m on v2.

Was a gamble of 50%