Image grabber

Haha thanks, you’re fast…
That looks the same for me, and your IF in the same flow is image grabber -> An image is grabbed with 2 tags which you didn’t add or changed your self? For me 2 tags (image -> bijv… and URL bijv. http://) are added.

Only using this tag. But the image is not grabbed here it seems.
As in: it’s not working here on 2.0

This is how it looks for me.
Can’t change or delete the tags…

Yep, same here. But u need to pick a tag in the THEN colom from the 2nd flow.
But mine hangs at the grabbing part it seems.

That’s in there :slight_smile:

Correct. And that’s the place where @Jorden says u need to pick the local tag.

Not a clue what is meant by that :slight_smile:
When I add the card there is only 1 Tag

hmm that makes me wonder if I setup the image grabber oke.
As I only have the “Lokale Tags”.

That will be correct. And u have the only good option so that should work.

took me a while but indeed it works. Your settings seem to be good. To test if the snapshot URL is working you can test it by using “VLC mediaplayer”. Go to media > open networkstream and then enter your URL, you should see a snapshot of the camera. If that is not working your URL is not complete or working

is it possible to get a screenshot of a rtsp stream?

Only if you use other software like Synology Surveillance Station. It is not possible to do with the imagegrabber app.

thanks for your reply Jorden

Is it possible to delete a image after sending a mail?
Now i see that Image grabber stores each snapshot.

It will soon only store 1 image per URL, will make that through an update.

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Thanks Jorden :slight_smile:

I dont get any images only Homey logo

You are probably not using the “an image has been grabbed” card as a trigger, or you are not using the local image tag.

Hello Jordan.

Yes I use “an image has been grabbed” card as a trigger and also use the local image tag.

Best regards

Per Larsson