Image grabber

Is that the complete url in the Grabber cards?
And no receiver name filled in for the telegram part?
And u did verify the telegram app with the token of the bot?

Hello Roco

Yes. I have 2 Grabber cards. One for each RING Doorbelle. In them I have:



Flow 1

(When (trigger) The motion alarm frontdoor turned on (RING Doorbell)

Then: Grab image Http://

Flow 2

(When (trigger) The motion alarm Backdoor turned on (RING Doorbell)

Then: Grab image Http://

Flow 3

(When (trigger) An Image is grabbed

Then: Image (local) Send a Picture: Per Larsson (its me)


Per Larsson, [16.03.19 05:56]


Per Larsson, [16.03.19 05:58]

/register hgtFex4wve

HomeyBot, [16.03.19 05:58]

Homey registered to Telegram chat succesfully

Best regards Per

Per Larsson

I don’t have a Ring but was just wondering if that url is complete. For Foscam camera’s it’s something like:
http://ip address:port/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=admin&pwd=xxx
Are u sure the url is complete this way? And not something like:
http://ip address:port/?type=motion&camera=[CHANNEL] ?

And did u also verify the token for the bot? U can ask for a token by posting /token to the botfather and specify the bot name. After that fill in the token in the settings part of the Telegram app.

I didn’t see this in ur screenshots so that’s why am asking.


Yes you are right. This must be the reason

I will try to use URL to my Sony and AXIS cameras first.

You can Close this ticket

Thanks !!

Per Larsson

Sinds when its possible to take a screenshot from the ring doorbell? From my understanding its not possible at least till this moment.

But if things changed , i love to hear😃

Hello everyone, please excuse my English.

Can you please help me, I do not have so much experience in this matter, so I have a ring Doorbell to and would like to send the image but I do not know what I should enter where. Many Thanks

Look up 1 post above yours :slight_smile:

@Jorden Hi,

I see the post from @Rocodamelshekima and this is for Foscams cameras, can i use this for Ring Cameras?

It was actually 1 post above urs, the one from Roy stating:

@Rocodamelshekima Hi,

What can i do with this?

I realy don’t know because i don’t have a Ring.

Ok Thanks, can anybody help me please.

Ok iam trying to be friendly now… but i also know its gonna be not easy. So on forehand mt excuses :wink:


The answer is given to you, and iam 99.99 % sure. Its not possible at least on this moment to grab a ring screenshot. Ring is a very clossed system so maybe its never gonna be possible.

Just use google to find out yourself, lot of people with almost every avelable smarthome system trying to get somehow a working solution for ring support.

I believe even the support we have right know is from a not offical api.

For now the answer is easy.NO what brings the feature i dont know maybe …

I think i was nice with you👍


Hopefully soon,
From Ring Community Support:

I am sorry for any inconveniences that you’ve faced due to this situation with the motion detection!
I would like to thank you for your feedback!

You are right; it is a great idea to have the feature in our App that allows getting the picture of the detected motion even without the Ring Protect Plan subscription!

I’ll make sure to pass your feedback to our managerial team and hope we can still count on your loyalty.
Best regards,

Nataliia from Ring Community

Well, i wouldnt count on it. Its just a standard responce from the custumer service of ring.

Ring image notification

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Cool, how did you manage this? Can you share the flow?

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Is the image ‘up-to-date’?
With my Ring, the images are not live-view, they are older.

They are quite up to date, if someone rings for example I see that person in the snapshot.