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Delay image grabber

Hi there,

There is a problem known that the app ‘Image grabber’ has the issue that the time between ‘grabbing the image’ and ‘sending’ it takes about 30/60 seconds, or more. See the following issue: https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues/2173

Does anyone know if the issue is really solved in Homey 2.0?
Thanks in advance.



I just tested with an image on my webserver (which is a lot faster than the average webcam). The image was just 500x333 pixels and 32KB in size.

I received the image on Telegram in about 3-5 seconds on Homey 2.0. But it is the same speed on Homey 1.5.13.

It mostly depends on the size and speed of the serving device.

@Jorden thanks buddy, before it was so fast i received the image within 1 a 2 secondes. After a update in Homey this changed to a much longer time.

@Emile when will this be fixed? Thnx.

When someone use my frontdoor doorbell en Imagegrabber create a screenshot it tooks max 7 seconds. Tested several times…


I have the same Problem with image grabber.
To get a picture of my camera with 280kb it takes 180 seconds :open_mouth:
If I try a really small icon from a website with only 2kb it takes just 4 seconds.

would be cool if the delay could become smaller in the future

Thanks men, are you using homey 2?

yes I am using V2 rc13 and image grabber v0.1.1

Thanks, another promise that hasn’t been followed up as it seems now.

@Emile… when will this be fixed? You’re promising things that aren’t followed up

Are you talking about this app?


if so. Why are you blaming Athom ? Asking Emile for a fix? It’s a community app made by @Jorden ( I guess ). As stated by @Jorden it highly depends on both sides of the equation.

It seems that a big part of the delay is due to the new Homey imagetag function. However, that is mostly caused by the size of the image. I think it is already faster than in the past, although I didn’t compare it by timing.

The biggest problems here are:

  • your camera is probably slow, compared to the webserver
  • Downloading 280 KB takes longer than 2 KB
  • Copying 280 KB to memory in NodeJS takes a long time compared to 2 KB
  • Copying 280 KB to Homey imagetag takes a long time compared to 2 KB
  • Sending 280 KB to “whatever you are sending it to” take a long time compared to 2 KB
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I think @Joey_van_der_Beek is referring to this: https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues/2173#issuecomment-386600505
But that’s just guessing.

Correct! Thanks. I’m not blaming anybody, just asking questions. I don’t mind who’s solving it, but when there is a promise made, it should be followed up. Or else they should notify the users, and that’s not happening.

The image speed from the camera is very fast, as it was always. The problems started with a update when they changed something on the image token part. Before i received the images within 1 or 2 seconds, and nothing changed in my internal network. :slight_smile:

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There is new information in the docs regarding image tokens, which was just released. Also regarding the speed of the tokens :slight_smile: will update the ImageGrabber app ASAP

UPDATE 15:52 can’t seem to get it to work. As soon as I test with myImage.setUrl instead of myImage.setBuffer, sending doesn’t work anymore. Will need to do some more testing which I don’t have time for now.

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Thanks man! I appreciate the work and effort.

Just a thought. But does the url you set need authentication to retrieve data?

Not the one I tested with.

No :slight_smile: also just a image from the FTP takes very long.