Save image to cloud service

New pro 23 user here.
Been looking for ways to upload images from my Ring doorbell to the cloud - or, if that won’t work a local NAS - whenever triggered by a flow.

Can this be done? How, if so? Any advice is welcome.

I am not sure how that is relevant?
I am looking to take an image from a given source (example given: Ring) and upload it to a cloud or NAS

You’re welcome.
You mentioned Ring specifically, not as example.

That’s why I adviced to ask your Q in the dedicated Ring app topic

When you just want to upload ‘an image’ from Homey to a NAS, check out the neat FTP Client app
And ‘The Cloud’ is just a (ftp) server as well, isn’t it?

Ah, sorry, should have worded myself differently.
Thanks, I will check out the FTP Client app.

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