Google text to speech (tts)

After 3 days, it suddenly started working again! :smiley: Thanks for the replies…

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Hi! Any chance to get this app ready with SDK3 for Homey Pro 2023?

@denniedegroot An upgrade to SDK3 would be great, I use the app every day to let the Google Mini speak to the kids! :slight_smile:

Guys, I’m afraid that @denniedegroot is not developing it anymore (he has also no activity on GitHUB) - last commit was made by me and only because I was partially lucky (not a developer). I tried recently to use Google services (which might be the future only way) but seems it is waaaaay to complex to just achieve TTS on Chromecast devices without reworking everything from scratch. I assume @Arie_J_Godschalk would not implement “old” TTS part into his famous Google Services, right Arie ? I mean without need to use or construct URL…

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Yes, i will make a solution for this.

Create a ticket at the Google Service BitBucket please?

But i first have to finish something else, then i’ll create a solution to fix the chromecast url issue.



The Google Services app works right away with the TTS device (without creating a google thing/creditcard stuff)

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :+1: :clap:

I hope that community will appreciate it and overload you by caffeine ! :wink:

Yep Peter, I know but I have multiple devices and different playing scenarios (sometimes one devices, sometimes all devices etc.) …I know this might work, but it would require to create… 10 flows in Advanced flows for 5 devices ? and…recreate 100 flows with different conditions while passing Text token ?

Simply this is much more easier :

(just for illustration)

Thats the cloud version peter, not the non-cloud, right?

The non-cloud seems to have an issue with the extention i guess.

It is the non-cloud Arie. I didn’t fill in anything, these flowcards worked right after app install

I don’t get what you are saying, could you explain?

You only need one flow per device to trigger the url on chromecast.

After that, you need just one speed card per speech.

Maybe I’m missing here something Just to prevent confusion, we are speaking about OLD Google TTS app - Google TTS App for Homey | Homey and I hope I didn’t miss the concept of Google Services (Arie’s app) . Google TTS app (old one) works in the way, that app itself provide all the Chromecast devices list, and offers on action level to Start saying whatever you want on whatever Chromecast device you can connected to your Homey with variety of languages (22 in total “TTS”), speed and Volume, including option ALL devices (Chromecast Group).

I don’t know how to achieve the same on Google Services the same, simple, way - again speaking multiple devices or just one, different content etc. Eg. how to decide which device actually plays, I must create additional X devices to match Chromecast devices, create adv. flows like Peter posted above but how I send this URL/sound/speech to specific device, via Adv. triggers apps/actions ?

So if I will maybe reformulate my question above - is there a way to get Google TTS app compatible for SDK3 using the same very trivial principle ?


My bad when I misunderstood your questions.
I (we) are afraid that this topic’s app, Google TTS, is probably not going to be updated to SDK3.
I don’t understand why you want to find a way it can be upgraded, because there’s a perfectly fine alternative.

That’s why I mentioned Arie’s app, Google Services, with a flow example of how you can achieve something similar with the free ‘classic’ TTS device of Arie’s app.

As a workaround :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…because it still has it’s users, it not dependent on cloud subscription, it is simpler to use and provide much more language options (speaking about TTS). :wink: But thank you for your attempt to help, I appreciate it.

No problem, Sharkys. We don’t agree about a solution then :upside_down_face:

Hey @Sharkys , i am fine with rooting it to SDK3, if the developer can be contacted and transfers the App and Sourcecode over to me.
But as of now i have still not have contact with the developer.

Hey @denniedegroot, could i or another developer take over your app?
A lott of people depend on it.


I will convert this app to SDKv3 in due time.


Welcome back after 2 years and thank you :slight_smile:

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That’s GREAT!

Thanks @denniedegroot, love the app!