Google Home speaker group recognized but only one speaker playing

I am using Google TTS for announcing eg. when mail is delivered to my mailbox. Target for voice message is set to a group of Google Nest speakers. The speaker group has been defined in Google Home. Homey recognizes the group name but still only plays up voice message on one of the speakers from the group. Is this something others have experienced? Is this a flaw in Homey-Google integration or in the Google TTS -app or just something I’ve got wrong here?

Never got the group of speakers working within Homey. I just put the speakers separate in a flow, to got it work with Homey.

OK, I see. Well it is what it is. :neutral_face: I find this coupling between the Google Home and Homey somehow flakey. Devices being not recignizable all of a sudden and so on.

Many thanks for feedback anyways. :+1:

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Yes it is a known issue that chromecast devices get offline. A restart of the chromecast app will fix it, but the issue will recur.

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