Google home speakers disappeared from homey and cannot be added back

Hi there, my homey app recently got updated to version 7.1.5. After this update, the connection between homey and my google home/ nest mini speakers was lost. The speakers were also not able to be found on the Google Chromecast app.

I have reinstalled the Google Chromecast app and also reset, and reconnected the speakers to Google Home. I tried to connect homey to the speakers again and I am still not able to see the speakers in Google Chromecast.

Can I get advise on how this can be fixed pls?


I’m also on v7.1.5, but no troubles with it. Adding a mini works also.
Is Homey still linked on Google Home?
Try “Reconnect Account”

Yeah it’s still linked and I have actually disconnected and reconnected homey to google home. Are you also using the Google Chromecast app to connect to the speakers?

yes I used the Chromecast app

Ok thank you. Let me go fiddle around with it. It could also be some disturbances on the network that is causing the connectivity issues

I am actually having this same problem at the moment. Did anyone work out how to fix it?