Better Logic, NO search for maintainer anymore :)

Hi all,

I created quite some time ago the better logic app.
Because my Homey broke down I thought I wanted to stop supporting the app and transfer the maintenance to an other developer.
Boy was I wrong :slight_smile: People will not let that happen haha!
@Emile gave me an offer I could not refuse. They decided to support me with a new Homey (PRO Jeej :star_struck:) So therefor I decided to continue supporting the Better Logic app.

After my holliday I will make a port to SDK V3 and then when everything is stable I will see if new features need to be implemented. Just saw I was not on top in the tools section anymore, so need to work on that :slight_smile:

And again, Thanks Athom/@Emile for doing this!


You are a very good developer, thinking about your users! :slight_smile: I really like that.
I am not the one though, I can’t code.
An other idea: if you don’t care which system you use: you could also start a fundme and get some funds for a new Homey?!

Congratz and welcome back!

Great job from Athom and great appreciation for a developer.

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Nice, good to hear you are back! and got a new pro from @emile

Thank you, Better Logic is much appreciated.

Can I make a request?
I’ve found that slow PWM regulators work well with Homey for slow processes (cycle time of minutes or more) and I use Better Logic to hold the parameters for pulse and width time and adjust them by combination of logic and NumSlide. But for fine adjustments I have to check the parameter value in the app’s variable overview. Is it possible to add a numeric value to NumSlide for easy reading?

Cheers, Frode

Can you make a mockup and put it as a feature request on github. First I will do the sdk 3 migration and then I’ll take a look if that’s possible.

No problem, I added the request to “Issues” section with screen dumps.