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[BETA] BetterLogic SDK2

Just released the beta for SDK2 of BetterLogic. Many thanks for SailingDuck for the help, without him I would not have made it.



Nice, all the old variables are still there! Great! Piece by piece the v2 firmware is getting usable :wink:

Awesome, this was what I was waiting for to upgrade! :+1:t2:

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Where can I find it to test for v2.0.0-rc.4 ? => Found it and installed it
But how do I get the old variables back?

Mine just were sitting there, did you remove the app? Because I didn’t, maybe?

I kept the old better logic app. But I see no variables in the setting page of the new app.

Wrong app: https://github.com/SailingDuck/comm.sailingduck.betterlogic2 ??

First time I try to install it outside the Athom app store.

Yes, it is the fork sailing duck was working on. You should pick the one from github linked in the appstore (Sdk2 branch)

Thanks @Uranday ! Got it working! Very happy with it. Will continue testing.

The beta version is live!

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I’m trying to install the beta app from the app-store but I get an error message
Initially i installed the beta over the existing one, this got installed but i count not view or add variables
next i removed the installation, restarted homey and tried to reinstall the beta

i’m now getting the below: