[HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - FIX flows after removing and adding devices

Use at own risk!
Only works for standard Flows (advanced flows not supported yet)

So I just go a new house and wanted to make my Zigbee network a bit better by removing an re-adding my devices so I get a stable network.

But the issue with this is you have to fix all your flows. (Ofcourse https://homey.app/a/com.athom.flowchecker/Flow-Checker/ can indicate the broken flows)

I made a small script which can help with fixing the flows.

So what do you need:

  1. Device ID you would like to update - You can get this via the webAPI playground:


  1. Write down the Device ID
  2. Remove the Device
  3. Re-add the Device
  4. Get the Device ID of the new paired device: - You can get this via the webAPI playground:


  1. Run this script in the WebAPI playground: (multiple devices possible)
const oldIds = ['e63c7964-2e67-4347-b2e0-d17a9e4df7e9'];
const newIds = ['221b7559-aeb9-4fbb-a053-acc859dcde6c'];

const main = async function () {
    const flows = await Homey.flow.getFlows();

    Object.values(flows).forEach(async (f) => {
        if (f.trigger && f.trigger.uri) {
            const trigger = f.trigger;
            const replaceTrigger = trigger.uri.replace('homey:device:', '');
            if(oldIds.includes(replaceTrigger)) {
              const index = oldIds.findIndex(o => o.includes(replaceTrigger));
              trigger.uri = trigger.uri.replace(oldIds[index], newIds[index]);
              await Homey.flow.updateFlow({ id: f.id, flow: { id: f.id, trigger: trigger } });

        f.actions.forEach(async (a, i) => {
            const replaceAction = a.uri.replace('homey:device:', '');
            if(oldIds.includes(replaceAction)) {
                const actions = f.actions;
                const index = oldIds.findIndex(o => o.includes(replaceAction));
                actions[i].uri = actions[i].uri.replace(oldIds[index], newIds[index]);
                await Homey.flow.updateFlow({ id: f.id, flow: { id: f.id, actions: actions } });

        f.conditions.forEach(async (a, i) => {
            const replaceCondition = a.uri.replace('homey:device:', '');
            if(oldIds.includes(replaceCondition)) {
                const conditions = f.conditions;
                const index = oldIds.findIndex(o => o.includes(replaceCondition));
                conditions[i].uri = conditions[i].uri.replace(oldIds[index], newIds[index]);
                await Homey.flow.updateFlow({ id: f.id, flow: { id: f.id, conditions: conditions } });


Maestro, :pray::pray::pray:

Congrats with your new Home(y).

My P1 dongle did not respond anymore. In short, only option was to remove and re-add it. That’s a PITA when lots of flows are involved.
BUT, your brilliant script saved the day, Martijn.

I saved the dongle’s ID and removed it.
(To me, the device ID is easily / easier found by using the devices search function.)
After re-adding the dongle, I searched for its new ID and I updated old & new ID’s in your script, and ran it.

:white_check_mark::tada: it did the trick! 20 flows got fixed!

Note: The flows with broken variables did not fix themselves, so maybe here’s is a new challenge :grimacing: (Warning: it does not have to be fixed today, or tomorrow :upside_down_face::crazy_face:)

Oh, a suggestion to the topic subject:
[HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - Tool to FIX flows after removing and re-adding devices
And it’s not limited to zigbee devices btw.

All the best,

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If this works with remove and re-ad the device this also can work with a compleet new device?
Like a broken Aqara temperature or doorsensor and you change it for the same type of device.
Use this script and you’re ready again.

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@Mike1233 yes it does, as long as the devices are using the same flowcards


Hi Martijn,

Is it possible to run it with HomeyScript?
(Well, I tried but nothing changes hehe).
I just don’t understand why the web api playground and HS can’t run the same scripts :grimacing::nerd_face:

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Depends on the access roles. Web API has more rights

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