[HOW TO] Reset your device before adding it to Homey

Reset your device before (re)adding it to Homey!

When you want to (re)add a device to Homey it is important to reset the device to factory defaults before (re)adding it to Homey. Even when the device is new it is important to reset to factory defaults before adding it to Homey!. With KaKu devices it can be important with certain devices to clear the memory before adding them again. But resetting is also important for Zwave and Zigbee devices.
Let’s take f.e. the Fibaro motion sensor FGMS-001. Search the internet for the manual of the device you want to reset. In this example we can check the manual for this motion sensor , click Motion Sensor and select the type. In this example i chose for the Zwave type. Then click Operation manual-English. A pdf file will open and there you can search for the reset procedure. In this case it’s under #5:

Resetting the Motion Sensor:
Reset procedure erases the memory, including all information on the
Z-Wave network and the main controller.

  1. Open the cover.
  2. Press and hold the B-button.
  3. Wait for visual indicator to glow yellow (2nd menu position).
  4. Release the B-button.
  5. Click the B-button to confirm selection.
  6. After few seconds the device will be reset, which is signalled with
    the red, fading visual indicator colour.

After that you can include the device to Homey. This adding procedure is also stated in the manual, in this case under #3. Hope to help some people with this.