Not able to join any z-wave device

Hello i’m new to homey, just got my homey pro and I’m very excided.
For about 6 years i’ve been using a zipato zipabox, but it died on me and I wanted to try something else.

I started adding all my z-wave devices, but i’m not getting ANY z-wave device included ( paired) with homey. For example I tried 2 fibaro powerplugs, fibaro smoke detector, and greenwave powerplug.
And yes I was close enough to homey, I was holding it next to the devices.

I added and removed the apps multiple times, also did a reset of the z-wave. and restarted homey.
I turned on the z-wave logging to check what is going on and I found that It just times out in the process.

[2019-09-06T18:59:55.238Z] Command[3] start: addNode
[2019-09-06T18:59:55.272Z] Command[3] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_LEARN_READY
[2019-09-06T19:00:25.323Z] Command[3] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_DONE
[2019-09-06T19:00:25.324Z] ProcessAddNode[2]: Error: timeout
[2019-09-06T19:00:25.334Z] Command[3] end: addNode
[2019-09-06T19:00:34.615Z] Command[4] start: addNodeAbort
[2019-09-06T19:00:34.617Z] Command[4] end: addNodeAbort
[2019-09-06T19:00:39.886Z] Command[5] start: addNode
[2019-09-06T19:00:39.902Z] Command[5] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_LEARN_READY
[2019-09-06T19:01:09.958Z] Command[5] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_DONE
[2019-09-06T19:01:09.958Z] ProcessAddNode[3]: Error: timeout
[2019-09-06T19:01:09.963Z] Command[5] end: addNode
[2019-09-06T19:01:17.521Z] Command[6] start: addNodeAbort
[2019-09-06T19:01:17.523Z] Command[6] end: addNodeAbort
[2019-09-06T19:01:37.614Z] Command[7] start: addNode
[2019-09-06T19:01:37.631Z] Command[7] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_LEARN_READY
[2019-09-06T19:02:07.686Z] Command[7] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_DONE
[2019-09-06T19:02:07.686Z] ProcessAddNode[4]: Error: timeout
[2019-09-06T19:02:07.690Z] Command[7] end: addNode
[2019-09-06T19:02:17.055Z] Command[8] start: addNodeAbort
[2019-09-06T19:02:17.057Z] Command[8] end: addNodeAbort
[2019-09-06T19:02:23.336Z] Command[9] start: addNode
[2019-09-06T19:02:23.351Z] Command[9] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_LEARN_READY
[2019-09-06T19:02:53.407Z] Command[9] status: addNode, status: ADD_NODE_STATUS_DONE
[2019-09-06T19:02:53.407Z] ProcessAddNode[5]: Error: timeout
[2019-09-06T19:02:53.411Z] Command[9] end: addNode

i’m not sure what to do next, Is the z-wave bad in my homey ?

Can anyone help me ? Otherwise I will have to send it back to the store.

Try to remove the device from Homey (Yes, even if it’s not connected yet to Homey) via this link.
Click remove any node and put ur device in learning mode.
Also nice to know.

Hi this seems to work haha thx for the fast support. I was used to zipato that it automaticly starts an exclusion. ( remove)