Z-wave - Cannot add device

Hi, Homey Pro 2019 here.

All of a sudden I cannot add Z-Wave devices from Fibaro or Telldus anymore. I have restarted and PTP a few times and waited 1h. I can see existing Z-Wave devices are alive and well (sending data).

I tripple click my plug but nothing happens. I have tried this from 1.5m to 40 cm from Homey.

Please advise!

homeyVersion “10.0.10”
Fibaro v3.7.17
Telldus v1.3.3
Still same problem after 11 hours.

Edit 2:
If I put the plug 10 cm from Homey I am able to start the 2-step inclusion process. This works but after this I get an error message and the plug is not added.