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Homey next gen V2.0

Hi guys,
After reset of homey to day and installing every thing, I can’t get z-wave devises installed. Fibaro, aeotec, neo coolcalm. Also the be next app is not installing. What happened? On this moment I have a Homey that doesn’t do anything. Help please.

Can you elaborate on what exactly happens when you try to install the device or the app? Do you get error messages?

(what happened is that you installed an experimental firmware with known issues :wink: )

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There is a good chance your Z-Wave devices are still associated with your old configuration of Homey (before reset) - perhaps try “removing Z-Wave device” (even though it is not currently added) - will remove the Z-Wave association from the modules - you should then be free to add them again. This is just my best guess at your issue.

As some further background… Z-Wace devices only like to be added to one Z-Wave controller - so once associated with a Z-Wave controller, they cannot be included with another congtroller. So in your case, because you effectively had two controllers (your old and new Homey rollout), the Z-Wave devices will not add to the new Homey setup as they still belong to the previous setup.

will this also be an issue with the zigbee devices. I am about to purchase a new homey (the old is ‘kaput’) and I understand I have to connect al the devices, but do I have to make a sort of ‘master’ reset of the device itself. For instance for the ikea light, switching the current for six times?


Also for @Pim_Op_t_Land : You might have to reset every device too, never hurts with a fresh start… The manuals say how to do this…

I thought so already. Tnks

Hi, a littlebit further. The Kaku devises are no problem, neo coolcam z-wave works also, after long try outs and reset of z-wave. Fibaro will not connect to homey’s z-wave. He doesn’t see the devices (multisensor, socked) and stops looking for the device. Be-Next app not to be installed error [object, Object]. Yesterday Somfy not installable but to day it’s installed. Top Homey support. To night testing if the diverend Somfy devices are recognised.
Unfortunately I don’t know how you can install the ‘normal’ software.