Problem with adding door sensors (added as a basic z-wave device)

I have to different door sensors that I want to add. One Telldus Door sensor and one Neo coolcam door sensor. Both are listed to be supported but when i try to add them i get “No compatible Homey App has been found for this device. I has been added as a Basic Z-Wave device.” I have both of their apps installed and I tried the test versions aswell.

Anyone who knows how to solve this?

Maybe this can help

Thanks Peter but it did not help. I have tried another round with factory reset but I ended up with the same result on both :frowning:

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Pair it as a generic device and post the data from the device as listed in the developer page at the topic of the app developer for support. They will be able to tell if the manufacturer changed device id’s and/or can add the required support.


Can you please clarify a few things. There is so much vague info so I want to make sure I do it right
Is this the data i should post on each official app thread? Or should i post it somewhere else?

“the topic of the app developer” - are we refering to the the forum or the support section on the app page?

There are two different manufacturers that receives the same error.
I have been able to contact the Telldus Developer but the Neo Coolcam is a dead link to its github page and there is no “official thread” on the forum.

Go to deverloper tools - devices, look up the device and look for values such as these below that describe the product identification:

Key Value
zw_node_id “15”
zw_manufacturer_id “271”
zw_product_type_id “3074”
zw_product_id “4099”

If the app has no valid support channel anymore then that will be a problem. You could try to see if the developer is on the forum and mention him/her using the @ sign.


I face the same problem when I try to add the Telldus Z-wave door/window sensor. I have posted on the development site (GitHub) as well. Let’s hope they can find the problem.

If you read this and have the same issue please post a comment here in order to get some focus/priority on this

Update on the above:
After some googling I found out that the latest version of the Telldus door sensor was registered to Z-wavealliance under the brand Hank. Here

For me the pairing worked like a charm when I instead used the Hank Tech App in Homey


That worked straight away, thanks!

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