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Adding device Neo Coolcam doorsensor ''ontwakingsperiode wordt opgehaald''

Hi guys,

I am trying to connect another doorsensor, but everytime I get stuck at the last part. “ontwakingsperiode wordt opgehaald” (awakening periode being fetched??) and then nothing happens. Eventually the process stops telling me no device was found??

I’ve already done a full reset on the doorsensor and a restart of homey.

Anyone with a solution??

have you tried removing it first from the zwave network? Maybe that wil help

greetz Frans

Yes, funny enough it is added to the zwave network although it gave an error. I have already removed it again but this still resulted in the same ‘‘errors’’.

Update: The third time it got stock at: Association groups instellen…

Is there an issue with adding nodes?

1.5.13 experimental

  • [433 Mhz] Improved signal reception and transmission

  • [868 Mhz] Improved signal reception and transmission

  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug where Z-Wave packets could be delivered after a delay

  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug that could prevent Z-Wave S2/FLiRS nodes from pairing

  • [Z-Wave] Added a remove node button in the developer tools

  • [Z-Wave] Fixed a bug that could prevent failed devices from being deleted

  • [ZigBee] Better handling of Xiaomi data

  • [IR] Fixed a bug where homey would freeze when speaking while sending IR

  • [Signals] Improved signal parsing for unit-based signals

  • [Signals] Improved signal parsing for signals without SOF

  • [Other] Fixed an issue that could cause slow boots

  • [Other] Fixed an issue that could cause a red ring during boot

  • [Other] Fix a bug where some Homeys could experience problems when connecting to wifi networks when a 5GHz network with the same name exists

  • [Core] Update Node.js to 8.12.0

  • [Other] Various bugfixes and minor improvements

Probbely you did, but to be sure…. you adding within a few cm from homey?

Yes, the other one was added without any problems

Maybe got a faulty one, or the battery isnt full (did you check it)

Yes. I swapped batteries with an other one. No Joy!

Dunno if this is the problem but swapping it with another one is not the same as checking. Measure is the only good option.

Done! Took a new battery out of the box, still nothing???

So stil not measure it :joy::joy::joy::joy:

But i start to think, you got a faulty sensor.