Neo coolcam Z-wave mess


So i have a few window contactors a PIR and and one plug from Neo coolcam
They all worked nicely with my previous box (eedomus)

But i can’t really get them to work now on the homey

  • The power plug which is 3 meters away behing a wall is basically always having error messages “soemthing went wrong transmit complete no ack” . However it works good as relay for my PIR??

-The window contactor in my cellar just has no reception at all, if i try to heal i get “transmit complete no ack” but surprisingly it doesnt show in the list as “unreachable”…
battery is okay
Here i guess this is just too far, need to add a plug nearby

  • A window contactor 3 meters away from the homey with no walls gives me an outdated contact alarm today, obviously not updating. “heal” did just not give any feedback, but for status “unreachable” battery is okay

This is not only range, it seems to be weirder,
How could i improve that?


Is the NEO Coolcam Plug the only powered/wired device?

yes, it is, i bought it only hoping it would help Homey’s range
with my previous solution i didnt even need a powered device!!
I’m really suprised about this non-powered device at 3 meters from the homey not connecting correctly

I don’t have a homey yet, so I can’t make a statement about the range. But the range also depends on many factors.
Another limitation: 1 Z-Wave device can only forward signals from 4 or 5 other Z-Wave devices.
The solution: The more powered devices are used (they work as repeaters and build a mesh) the better.

I doubt that having more powered devices will help me with that door sensor at 3 meters from the homey having connexzion issues…

Did you reset your devices before including to Homey?
Please read this: Reset your device before adding it to Homey

@fantross It was a good idea, i did it,
but my devices are still mostly unreachable
Now looking through the forum to at least get a way to get notified when a device is unreachable